Making It Easy for Patients to Say “YES” is the most affordable and convenient online in-office program to improve your treatment acceptance from modest to complex care patients in a few months or less.

It’s available in two levels.


Making It Easy for Patients to Say YES - Level One is designed for you if you want to put your “toe in the water” to discover if this program’s philosophies, processes, and tools are a good fit for you. It’s economically priced and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Its goal is to jump-start you and your team's ability to excel at case acceptance. It introduces you to the foundational concepts of case acceptance, features downloadable study guides, quizzes to assess learning, and calls to action to put what you've learned into your new patient experiences. If you’re not familiar with me and my work and want to ​make sure it’s for you, Making It Easy for Patients to Say YES - Level One would be where I recommend you start!

Making It Easy for Patients to Say YES - Level Two is designed for you if you want to “jump right in” and get the fully featured version of case acceptance for complete dentistry. It’s a robust program featuring 16 video lessons, comprehensive downloadable leaders manual, study guides, and case studies, MP3 audio downloads, and everything else you’ll need. It includes all the content of level one and it too offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re familiar with me and my work and are ready for growth, Making It Easy for Patients to Say YES - Level Two is for you.

​Read Why ​Others Love ​Dr. Homoly's Results:


​“Dr. Paul Homoly’s in-depth knowledge of practice management guarantees a successful practice that will have a rare combination of professional joy and profitability.”

​​Dr. John C. Kois,

​Founder/Director, ​The Kois Center


“​​I’ve known Paul for several years and have attended his workshops, been in his audience during seminars. and have worked one-on-one with him. There’s no doubt that his influence has contributed so much to my professional and personal life. He’s the best at training dentists to improve case acceptance and becoming more influential communicators. Paul is a friend, a colleague, and a world-class thought leader.”

​​Dr. Todd Ehrlich, DDS, FAGD,

​Co-founder-of Digital Enamel


“​Dr. Paul Homoly’s coaching skills are phenomenal. No matter what style of practice you have, time spent with Paul will boost your practice and your spirit. Few people have made as great a contribution to dentistry as Paul.” 

​David S. Hornbrook, DDS, FAACD,

Executive Director, The Hornbrook Group


“​​Paul Homoly is the one to learn from when it comes to influencing patients to accept treatment recommendations. His work has transformed the way I think and speak to patients and to dental audiences. His concepts on StorySelling® and Connection will make any dentist better at being more leader-like and memorable. You’ll enjoy working with Paul.” 

​​Dr. James Klim, DDS, FAGD, AAACD

Founder of Klim Institute and CAD-STAR.TV

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