Enterprising Dentists focuses on the people, events, services, and technologies that converge on making the practice of dentistry a more fulfilling and profitable experience. It’s thought leadership to help you provide the dentistry you love for grateful patients, supported by an engaged team, all the while being exquisitely compensated.

Enterprising Dentists is for you if you’re ready for a change, a change from what may have worked for you in the past, but isn’t working so great anymore.

Enterprising Dentists is a perfect fit if you intend to continually grow professionally, personally, and financially.

Enterprising Dentists is for enterprising dentists, team members, laboratory professionals, members of the commercial trade industry, and even dental students. The key to liking this podcast is in the word enterprising. It’s about innovation, imagination, creativity, and risk. If you’re ready for a big dose of this, you’re in the right place.

Now, more than ever, if you intend to thrive in the practice of dentistry you must become enterprising. Too many big changes in dentistry are simultaneously occurring; insurance companies are changing the rules again, more dentists are looking to transition their practices, new grads are overloaded with debt, corporate practices…DSO’s are growing and succeeding at an astounding rate.

Plus, as you age… your life gets more complex… with kids, lifestyle decisions, health issues. It’s a struggle to keep a positive mental and emotional outlook on life. I get it…I go thru the same things.

A big difference between us… I don’t have a dental practice adding to the complexity of my life. I did that for 20 years. I know what it takes.

My time now is focused on thought leadership. I look for persons, events, services, technologies that can converge on making the practice of dentistry a more fulfilling and profitable experience. My goal is to help you do the dentistry you love, on grateful patients, with an engaged team, all the while being exquisitely compensated.

As part of Enterprising Dentists I’ll interview people who have interesting and valuable things to offer.

Plus, I have commercial sponsors. These are companies that are part of the solution for the private fee for service dentists. These are companies I do business with and are clients of mine. I am directly compensated by them. I will never recommend a company to you that I do not do business with. Why should you do business with someone I don’t?

You’ll hear me talk about companies like Comprehensive Finance, Stratus Dental Group and Buckingham Financial Services. These are good companies with great things to offer.

My schedule for producing Enterprising Dentists will be variable. I’ll only produce one when I have something valuable to offer. I won’t waste your time.

So here’s my first bit of advice. Go to iTunes, search for Enterprising Dentists and subscribe to it. Next… bookmark this webpage and follow along on Enterprising Dentists.

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