We teach dentists and dental teams

We’ll guide you to improve treatment acceptance without stress, increase practice profitability and provide more fee-for-service care, so you can do more of the dentistry you love.

Making it Easy for Patients to Say "Yes!"

Our online program teaches dentists & teams the art of the new patient experience and improved treatment acceptance. As an added benefit you’ll enjoy increased practice profitability without burning out and stressing over the schedule. If you want to do more of the dentistry you love and provide more fee-for-service care, enroll now.

Speaker Development

If you want people to listen – discover how you can become more interesting and influential. Your ability to speak well will distinguish you to patients, audiences, and in your profession.

When you’re ready to grow the practice you’ve earned and deserve, here’s how Making It Easy for Patients to Say “YES!” helps:


Attract New Patients

Attract more new patients by establishing a reputation of helping patients feel well-cared for, understood, and respected.


Strengthen Leadership

The best team members remain with practices with solid leadership the bright futures.


Convert Leads

Maximize your advertising and social media ROI. 


Retain Patients

Retain patients who are not yet ready for care so when they become ready, they’ll return to you.


Presentation Skills

Present treatment so well that patients will never forget how well you offered it.


Career Satisfaction

Do more of the dentistry you enjoy and serve grateful patients without ever sounding or feeling like a salesperson.


Increase Referrals

Expect more referrals and outstanding online reviews. 


Practice Profitability

Providing complete dentistry leads to significant gains in profitability with less stress.


Insurance Independence

Providing outstanding patient experiences entitles you to the freedom of being paid for your value.


Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP, is president of Homoly Communications. Paul’s focus is leadership communications through which he guides healthcare and business professionals to enjoy the work they love and be abundantly compensated. His belief is when professionals thrive, patients and clients are best served, team members engage with their work, and their profession is protected and advanced. Dr. Paul Homoly’s principles and processes contribute to dental and non-dentist professionals’ success, resulting in the rewards they’ve earned and deserve.

Our clients include dental practices of all sizes, DSOs, and dental manufacturers.


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