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Treatment Acceptance Mastery™

For Dentists

Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ is the complete body of work on successful new patient experiences and treatment acceptance. Our live and online programs will enable you to enjoy increased practice profitability and deliver more of the dentistry you enjoy. Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ is for the entire team and suitable for practices of all sizes, solo to large groups.

Online Live Workshop

Training at Scale Mastery™

For DSO's

Training at Scale Mastery™ is a train-the-trainer program that provides all the resources that build the coaching expertise of Chief Dental Officers and trainers. The outcome of Training at Scale Mastery™ is a scalable dentist and team development process that yields exceptional patient experiences and improved treatment acceptance.

Leadership & Speaker Development

Your speaking skills determine your leadership capability. Your ability to speak and lead well distinguishes you to those you seek to guide. During our live speaker development workshops, you’ll discover how to become more interesting, memorable, and persuasive.

For Dentists For DSO’s

Our clients include dental practices of all sizes, Dental Support Organizations, and dental manufacturers.

Meet Dr. Paul Homoly

Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP, is president of Homoly Communications. Paul’s focus is leadership communications through which he guides healthcare and business professionals to enjoy the work they love and be abundantly compensated. His belief is when professionals thrive, patients and clients are best served, team members engage with their work, and their profession is protected and advanced. Dr. Paul Homoly’s principles and processes contribute to dental and non-dentist professionals’ success, resulting in the rewards they’ve earned and deserve.

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