About Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP

My Passion

… is for coaching high-performance dental teams and advancing communication in dentistry worldwide. My focus is on improving treatment acceptance for complete dentistry and leadership development.

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Our History

Having practiced implant and restorative dentistry for twenty years, I’ve been active in providing dental continuing education for 23 years, and like to take a practical approach to professional development. I’ve presented my work on treatment acceptance and leadership communications at associations and organizations worldwide.

In addition to creating speaker development programs for market-leading dental companies including Nobel Biocare, Ormco Orthodontics, Pacific Dental Services, Dentsply Sirona, and many others, I’ve enjoyed writing five books; Dentists: An Endangered SpeciesIsn’t it Wonderful When Patients Say “Yes!”Making it Easy for Patients to Say “Yes!”Just Because You’re Leading…Doesn’t Mean They’ll Follow, and Just Because You’re An Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting. Additionally, I authored two online in-office training programs on case acceptance; Case Acceptance Skills for New Dentists and Making It Easy for Patients to Say “YES!”.

I’m a current member of the American Dental Association, The Arizona Dental Association, The National Speakers Association, and licensed to practice dentistry in the great state of North Carolina. I hold the highest earned designation in professional speaking from the National Speakers Association – Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), where fewer than 15% of professional speakers hold this designation. I’m the first dentist worldwide to earn it.

I have two wonderful children, Adam and Kristen, who are all grown up, have children of their own, and off my payroll. Life is good!

“Listening is an art. It's about sensing more than what's being said. It enables us to offer answers that make patients feel understood."

Dr. Paul Homoly

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