This workshop is perfectly suited for dentists and team members and teaches the skills to make case acceptance from single tooth to complex care dentistry predictably successful. It’s specifically designed for you if you have a broad base general "bread and butter" practice and are also growing the complex care aspect of your practice – cosmetic, implant, CAD CAM, 3D imaging/airway, rehabilitative dentistry, specialty procedures, and the team approach. The session includes case study simulations that make your lessons immediately relevant to your everyday practice. The workshop is based on the book and online program Making It Easy for Patients to say “YES”, twenty years of private practice, and over two decades of successfully coaching thousands of dentists and team members.

Course Objectives:

The workshop focuses on two areas; the fundamentals/strategies of case acceptance and specific take-home procedures. Attendees will learn:

  • The Standard of Caring® and the eight aggregate behavioral principles which signal to patients they’ll be well cared for
  • How to present complete complex care with no fear of losing patients to Sticker Shock
  • Understanding the six critical distinctions between simple vs. complex care patients and its effect on their decision to accept care
  • What every provider of complex care must accommodate for and understand about patient readiness
  • The four essential conversations of case acceptance that build relationships and must precede clinical procedures
  • The concept of The Sequence of Influence™ and why it’s more motivating than the sequence of treatment
  • Recommending treatment for conditions patients are not concerned about
  • How to discover patients’ readiness for complex care and managing those who are not yet ready

Who Should Attend:

Dentists & Team Members
Available in three platforms. Select one of the tabs below for more information:
Making It Easy for Patients to Say “Yes”™ is available as a half to full-day seminar, with an unlimited number of attendees. This seminar fits in perfectly with dental society/association meetings, and study club activities.
Making It Easy for Patients to Say “Yes”™ is available as a two-day workshop. Typically this workshop is limited to 8 to 10 dental offices.
Making It Easy for Patients to Say “Yes”™ is available as a private coaching event for an individual dental office. Private coaching is designed specifically for an individual dental office’s needs. It typically includes:
  • Seminar/workshop activity to build foundational understanding of case acceptance principles
  • Evaluation of existing new/recall patient processes
  • Developmental tools – conference phone calls, study guides, books and audio programs (see products section)
  • In-office coaching on the new/recall patient process using actual new and recall patients
  • Customized follow-up support

Fees and details related to the above offerings available upon request. Call 800-294-9370.

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