Dental Group Practices

One of the greatest challenges for dental group practices can be attracting and retaining excellent providers; dentists and team members.

Dr. Paul Homoly helps Dental Service Organizations solve three of their top challenges; Treatment Acceptance, Recruiting and Retaining New Dentists, and Leadership Development.

 An immediately scalable solution to Treatment Acceptance challenges is my online program Making It Easy for Patients to say “YES!”. The program is designed to build dentists’ confidence when presenting treatment for complete care needs. Confidently presenting complete care is the most predictable way to improve collections and serve patients well.

Recruiting and Retaining New Dentists

can be a major challenge for Dental Service Organizations. When new dentists become profitable, are doing dentistry they enjoy, and work in a low-stress environment, they become loyal. New dentists are looking for safe starts to their careers. Making It Easy for Patients to say “YES!” offers them that safe start, helping them avoid stressful trial-and-error experiences that are dispiriting and create burn-out.

New Dentist Leadership Development

is an essential component for building profitable, fulfilling practices. However, new dentists rarely see themselves as new leaders. They see themselves strictly as providers. The combination of my two treatment acceptance programs long with my leadership communication program, Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting, serves dual roles for new dentists; it teaches the treatment acceptance process and helps them develop into leaders. New Dentists, who grow into good leaders, are incredibly valuable within Dental Service Organizations.

I serve the areas of treatment acceptance, recruiting and retaining new dentists, and leadership development through live workshops, online programs, video conferencing, and customized train-the-trainer programs.

You can read more about my work below.

Dr. Paul Homoly offers dental group practice customized solutions for new/recall patients’ case acceptance.

These solutions offer providers and patients a stress-free process for treatment recommendations that lead to case acceptance and ultimately, retention of excellent providers.

Excellent providers remain loyal to group practices that provide clinical/business environments that facilitate their growth. The brightest providers advance towards their vision of the brightest future. Dr. Paul Homoly can help your dental group practice create bright futures.

Dr. Paul Homoly’s contribution to your dental group practice can include seminars, workshops, e-learning, on-site coaching with actual patients, and turn-key train-the-trainer licensing options.

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Also, to learn how Dr. Paul Homoly helped one of the most successful group practices, Pacific Dental Services, in its case acceptance process, submit the form download the White Paper, Developing Young Dentists into Providers of Excellent New Patient Experiences.

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Breakaway from the task-centered environment that leads to

stress, burn-out, and turn-over. 

Dental group practices exist in a variety of configurations; single location/multiple providers (general practitioners and/or specialist), multiple locations/multiple providers, dentist owned, non-dentist owned, HMO/PPO business models, fee-for-service models, etc. Dental Group Practices have challenges that solo practices do not have. Consequently, practice development/management models that are effective for solo practices may have limited success with group practices.

One of the greatest challenges for dental group practices can be attracting and retaining excellent providers; dentists and team members. Too often young providers who join group practices are disappointed in their success due mainly to patients not accepting their treatment recommendations. Often young providers get caught up in practice models that require them to see excessive numbers of new patients to make up for minimal care acceptance. This forces them into a task-centered environment which leads to stress, burn-out, and quitting the group practice.

Your Coach:

Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP

I hold the highest earned designation in professional speaking – Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) – from the National Speakers Association. I am the first dentist worldwide to earn this distinction.

I have written two books on the topic of becoming an interesting expert; Just Because You’re Leading …Doesn’t Mean They’ll Follow and Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting. This is important to you because the content in my books are gleaned from the hundreds of hours I’ve spent in classrooms coaching experts. You can have confidence in my coaching process.

I practice what I preach. I make a good portion of my income from speaking at meetings and hosting workshops. This is not a hobby; it’s the real deal for me and can be for you too.

I have a 20 plus years successful track record as a speaker development coach and thought leader. I’ve personally experienced most speaking situations and coached an incredibly wide range of experts



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