Dental Group Practices

UserGroupDental group practices exist in a variety of configurations; single location/multiple providers (general practitioners and/or specialist), multiple locations/multiple providers, dentist owned, non-dentist owned, HMO/PPO business models, fee-for-service models, etc. Dental Group Practices have challenges that solo practices do not have. Consequently practice development/management models that are effective for solo practices may have limited success with group practices.

One of the greatest challenges for dental group practices can be attracting and retaining excellent providers; dentists and team members. Too often young providers who join group practices are disappointed in their success due mainly to patients not accepting their treatment recommendations. Often young providers get caught up in practice models that require them to see excessive numbers of new patients to make up for minimal care acceptance. This forces them into a task-centered environment which leads to stress, burn-out, and quitting the group practice.

Dr. Paul Homoly offers dental group practice customized solutions for new/recall patients case acceptance. These solutions offer providers and patients a stress-free process for treatment recommendations that lead to case acceptance and ultimately, retention of excellent providers. Excellent providers remain loyal to group practices that provide clinical/business environments that facilitate their growth. The brightest providers advance towards their vision of the brightest future. Dr. Paul Homoly can help your dental group practice create bright futures.

Dr. Paul Homoly’s contribution to your dental group practice can include seminars, workshops, e-learning, on-site coaching with actual patients, and turn-key train-the-trainer licensing options.

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