A Train-the-Trainer Program to build dentists’ skills and confidence in presenting complete dentistry

Training at Scale Mastery™ is a customized program focused on two critical aspects of scaling up training for Dental Support Organizations.

#1 The new patient experience and treatment acceptance

Training associate dentists to confidently present complete care to all adult patients who’ve had complete examinations is critical to practice growth, profitability, and loyalty. Unfortunately for DSO organizations, nearly 70% of general dentists do not present complete care due to lack of confidence, and fear of overwhelming patients and losing them to sticker shock.

#2 Leadership Communication

Leadership communication skills for Chief Dental Officers and leaders of training programs must accompany training at scale initiatives. Change requires effective leadership. Associate dentists are influenced to grow when they experience Chief Dental Officers and leaders of training programs as confident and effective leaders.

Who is it for?

Training at Scale Mastery™

  • Startup organizations who want to anticipate training at scale challenges and prevent problems before they occur
  • Small and mid-size organizations who are experiencing training challenges and need scalable training solutions ASAP
  • Large organizations who need trainer-the-trainer resources and fresh energy in their training curriculum

Benefits of

Training at Scale Mastery™

Many DSO leaders wish their dentists and team members were all “on the same page” when offering new patients excellent first experiences. Training at Scale Mastery™ provides training resources built on solid instructional design that organizations can rely on to offer consistent and duplicatable outcomes.

Chief Dental Officers too often do not have full-time trainers to meet scaling initiatives nor do they have the time to develop training resources. Training at Scale Mastery™ is a train-the-trainer program that includes live train-the-trainer workshops, online video, audio, study guides, case studies, and accountability tools available 24/7. Training at Scale Mastery™ is the perfect companion when meeting training at scale needs.

Training at Scale Mastery™ demonstrates to dentists that their development and success is important to your organization. Your training commitment for new associate dentists inspires their loyalty and develops their leadership skills.

The concepts and processes at the core of Training at Scale Mastery™ enjoy a proven track record of success for top DSOs, dental companies, group practices, and thousands of dentists.

Ready to learn more?

Take the Next Steps!

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Watch Video

To appreciate the scope of Training at Scale Mastery™ take a few minutes to watch the video. It describes the process where you’ll discover if Training at Scale Mastery™ is the right fit for your organization.

Step #2 >>

Explore Training at Scale Mastery™ Case Studies

To get a more complete understanding of the quality of the concepts and processes of Training at Scale Mastery™, read the white papers below.

“The genius of Dr. Paul Homoly is his ability to put his lessons into a process that makes it easy for his students to follow. Paul coaches our key clinicians and our leadership team. From my 20+ years functioning as a manager and leader, Paul is best I’ve seen at what he does.”

Joe Feldsein

Senior VP of Professional Partnerships, Pacific Dental Services

“Dr. Paul Homoly’s work within CarolinasDentists and Lightwave Dental has been essential to onboarding and training our new associate dentists. His online programs, live workshops, and one-on-one coaching is makes it easy to duplicate excellent outcomes throughout our practices.”

Dr. Clifton Cameron

Chief Dental Office, Lightwave Dental

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Schedule A Consultation

After watching the video and reading the white papers, if you think Training at Scale Mastery™ would be suitable for your organization, set a complimentary phone consultation with me. During this appointment, I’ll learn more about your organization, its training history, and resources. You’ll learn more about the Training at Scale Mastery™ onboarding process and how we could work together.

“The best days of dentists’ careers begin only after they learn to create extraordinary patient experiences. The successful practice of dentistry is as much about people as it is about teeth.”

Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP