Dental Service Organizations

Improving Treatment Acceptance and Leadership Development

I help Dental Service Organizations solve three of their top challenges; Treatment Acceptance, Recruiting and Retaining New Dentists, and Leadership Development. An immediately scalable solution to Treatment Acceptance challenges is my online program Making It Easy for Patients to say “YES!”. The program is designed to build dentists’ confidence when presenting treatment for complete care needs. Confidently presenting complete care is the most predictable way to improve collections and serve patients well.

Recruiting and Retaining New Dentists can be a major challenge for Dental Service Organizations. When new dentists become profitable, are doing dentistry they enjoy, and work in a low-stress environment, they become loyal. New dentists are looking for safe starts to their careers. Making It Easy for Patients to say “YES!” offers them that safe start, helping them avoid stressful trial-and-error experiences that are dispiriting and create burn-out.

New Dentist Leadership Development is an essential component for building profitable, fulfilling practices. However, new dentists rarely see themselves as new leaders. They see themselves strictly as providers. The combination of my two treatment acceptance programs long with my leadership communication program, Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn't Make You Interesting, serves dual roles for new dentists; it teaches the treatment acceptance process and helps them develop into leaders. New Dentists, who grow into good leaders, are incredibly valuable within Dental Service Organizations.

    Drs. Clifton Cameron and Eric Roman
  • One and a half years ago our average provider produced $750,000 annually. Today, and as a direct result of Homoly’s processes, average collections of 100% of our providers is over $1,000,000 annually. Prior to Homoly, new providers in their first year presented on average $3,000,000 worth of dentistry. Today our dentists who experience Homoly’s program average close to presenting $6,000,000 annually.

    Drs. Clifton Cameron and Eric Roman
    Founders of CarolinasDentist

I serve the areas of treatment acceptance, recruiting and retaining new dentists, and leadership development through live workshops, online programs, video conferencing, and customized train-the-trainer programs.

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    Joe Feldsien
  • I have found Dr. Paul Homoly truly understands the essence of patient engagement. His ability to put this in a process that clinicians can follow is the genius in what he does.

    Joe Feldsien
    Sr. Vice President of Professional Development, Pacific Dental Services