Just Because You’re An Expert…

Doesn’t Make You Interesting 

Live 2-Day Workshop 

Inspiring People to Act on Your Ideas

“Remember, you’re more interested in what you have to say than anyone else is.”   

– Andy Rooney

It sums up what so many content experts struggle with; they confuse being knowledgeable with being interesting. Consequently, their important conversations and presentations are delivered in uninteresting ways diminishing their influence on listeners. My workshop Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting solves this problem.

You’ll enjoy this two-day workshop Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting. It’s all about developing your ability to say what’s important in compelling ways that listeners remember, are influenced by, and take action on.

Your Coach:

Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP

I hold the highest earned designation in professional speaking – Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) – from the National Speakers Association. I am the first dentist worldwide to earn this distinction.

I have written two books on the topic of becoming an interesting expert; Just Because You’re Leading …Doesn’t Mean They’ll Follow and Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting. This is important to you because the content in my books are gleaned from the hundreds of hours I’ve spent in classrooms coaching experts. You can have confidence in my coaching process.

I practice what I preach. I make a good portion of my income from speaking at meetings and hosting workshops. This is not a hobby; it’s the real deal for me and can be for you too.

I have a 20 plus years successful track record as a speaker development coach and thought leader. I’ve personally experienced most speaking situations and coached an incredibly wide range of experts

 Workshop Topics Include:


The Experts Assessment™
A four-part evaluation illustrating your dominant influencing style and sets the direction of your developmental path.

The Focus / Fear Cycle™
This tool reveals the three main sources of presentation anxiety (stage fright) and guides you to become comfortable in front of any audience.


Full Contact Communicating
A two-part technique that immediately creates a strong bond between you and your listeners.

Move It and Lose It™
You’ll practice how to move with confidence and lose nervousness.

A Picture and a Thousand Words™
Experience in two minutes how to use your voice to make your message stick.


You’ll practice the five steps to telling great stories in business situations to make your message compelling and unforgettable.

The Transferable Concept™
Discover the richest sources of great stories and how to embed them into your message.

Funny Business™
This tool helps you find and deliver the humor in your content, creating a delightful listener experience.


The Spectrum of Appeal™
Assemble presentations in half the time with twice the impact using this four-part tool.

The Day / Night Schedule™
Learn the right ways to use audio-visual tools and avoid killer mistakes.

The Speech of 25™
You’ll experience a simple method for rehearsing your presentation, giving it a natural look, sound, and feel.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what attendees are saying! 

Dr. Glenn Vo – Owner of The Nifty-Thrifty Dentist online program – General Dentist

Dr. Anissa Holmes – Founder Delivering WOW online program – General Dentist

Laura Hatch – Owner of Front Office Rocks

Travis Rodgers – Owner software company RecordLinc Inc

Dr. Eric Roman – Owner Carolina Dentists – General Dentist

Dr. Clifton Cameron – Owner- Director of dentist development Carolina Dentists – General Dentist

Dr. Judy Thomas – General Dentist

Mason Walker – President Audigy Group

Amber Day RDH – Solution Reach

Claudia Lovato – Founder Morado ASC Speakers Academy

Stephen Trutter – President, Ideal Practices

June 2019 Workshop Attendees

What You Can Expect at the Workshop


You can expect my personal attention.

I limit enrollment of Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting to 10 full-participation attendees. As a full-participation attendee, you’ll present content you develop as part of the workshop experience. You’ll present in front of the room while I personally coach you. I take great pride in developing a safe and supportive coaching environment where you’ll be able to access the best version of yourself.

I offer limited-participation enrollment if you’re not quite ready to get in front of the room for coaching. As a limited participation attendee, you’ll attend the workshop as an observer and join in workshop discussions, but no front of the room speaking | coaching | peer evaluations or videotaping. There is no limit to the number of limited participation attendees.

You can expect excellent workshop materials.

With your full-participation enrollment, you’ll receive a pre-workshop assessment that will help me target the coaching that will best serve you. You’ll also receive as pre-study for the workshop my book Just Because You’re Leading…Doesn’t Mean They’ll Follow. (show book)
At the workshop you’ll receive a complete workshop manual with all the critical concepts included. Following the workshop you’ll receive my book Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn’t Make you Interesting. (show book)

As a limited participation attendee, you’ll receive the workshop manual and usually I have extra books with me so who knows…you might get a book or two!

You can also expect to be in good company.

Typical attendees are already successful and are looking to get to their next level. This makes for an engaging workshop experience with cool people. You’ll also be rubbing shoulders with speakers and thought leaders from market-leading organizations. Here’s a few of them.

List all the testimonies and logos from Key Opinion Leader Development on Homoly Website. We’ll add Nobel BioCare when I receiver its testimony


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Enrollment Classification

There are two classes of enrollment: Full participation or audience participation. Full participation includes front-of-the-room coaching. Audience participation does NOT include front-of-the-room coaching but includes all other workshop activities. 


Full participation enrollment is limited to 15 students. Tuition is $1595 per person.
Audience participation enrollment is $595 per person with no limit to enrollment.

Because of the nature of this workshop, tuition is nonrefundable. If a student cancels, tuition will be applied to a future workshop.

Upcoming Dates

September 24- 25th, 2021.

Doubletree Phoenix - Gilbert, AZ.

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