Frequently Asked Questions when hiring Paul Homoly

My unique value to your group is that I preach what I practice. My twenty-five years experience in dentistry combined with what I've learned from the hundreds of clients and organizations I've work with, enables me to talk to your group about "real life" problems and solutions.

When you hire me my prime objective is to give your group a relevant and memorable presentation. I accomplish this by becoming part of your team; and I'll be asking you some questions to help me make your program a success. Anticipating that you, too, have questions to ask me, I've prepared some answers:
1Yes we know you're a dentist, but what training have you had as a speaker?
I have been a student of speaking since 1975. I have studied voice, theater, humor, storytelling, and drama. I have a Certified Speaking Professional Designation from the National Speakers Association and maintain an active membership with the National Speakers Association.
2How long is your talk?
However long you need it to be -- from 30 minutes to two days.
3If it's necessary, can you cut or expand your presentation at the last minute?
Yes. I've been speaking since 1978 and have frequently had to cut or lengthen my talk at a moment's notice. Before I walk on the stage, I'll ask you what time you want me to walk off.
4Are you always a success?
Yes... if the audience is awake, sober and fairly happy to be there. The set-up, the lighting and the atmosphere also make an incredible difference to the results. I'll work with you to make sure the logistics and the timing of my presentation are the best for the objectives you want to meet.
5What do you need from us?
When you decide that you like my material and speaking style, you need to help me to understand your group so that I can adapt my message to meet your needs.
6 Can you present different programs on the same day?
Yes. I can deliver a keynote and then two breakout sessions on totally different subjects. A great meeting investment for you.
7 What size audience are you comfortable with?
10 to Thousands. I am experienced with teleconferencing and image magnification.
8 Are you funny?
Yes. I'm a big believer that information plus fun equals learning. Your group will have fun and come away with new skills.
9 How do we know that you are the right speaker for us?
If you like my audio or video tape and enjoy my style of delivery, then we should talk. I never accept a speaking engagement that I don't think that I can guarantee. My professional reputation is a lot more important to me than one extra presentation.
10 Are you an author?
Yes. I've written Dentists: An Endangered Species - A survival guide for fee-for-service care. This book received an outstanding rating from The Clinical Research Associates (CRA) with 93% readers rating it as excellent. I have also written three books on case acceptance for complete dentistry: Isn't It Wonderful When Patients Say "Yes", Making It Easy for Patients to Say "Yes", and Just Because You're an Expert... Doesn't Make You Interesting. I'm a columnist for Dental Economics Magazine, have contributed to dental journals world-wide, and I've produced audio and video cassette educational programs.
11 Do you fly first class?
I bill my clients for coach fares and whenever possible, pro-rate fares. For example, if I am traveling on a multi-engagement trip, I divide the fare proportionally between clients.