“Make your marketing so useful people would pay for it.”

– Jay Baer

In an effort to learn about the various marketing platforms available today, it’s easy to fall victim to information overload. Unsure of where to begin, many leaders end up diving in without a strategy or plan, hoping to figure it out along the way. Unfortunately, this creates a lot of “white noise” in marketing spaces—noise that drowns out even the best messaging and causes marketers to give up. “Get Known” aims to remedy this problem. By focusing on creating genuine connections with your target audience and providing useful marketing, you can break through the white noise and build positive brand recognition. This session will show you how!

Topics Include

  • Content Strategy – creating intentional content that engages your specific audience
  • Client Avatar – utilizing an ideal customer template with the goal of finding common ground through marketing
  • Leveraging Marketing – building on your unique brand and maximizing its reach on outlets that convert

“Remember, you’re more interested in what you have to say than anyone else is.”

– Andy Rooney

It’s never been tougher to hold people’s attention as it is now: text messages, e-mail, voice mail, multitasking, social media…all of it competes for listeners’ attention. Consequently, your role as a leader/influencer is more difficult; if people aren’t listening, you’re not leading or influencing. This “Get Better” session will help you become more interesting, influential, and memorable. It’s designed for all members of the dental profession who are interested in making a greater impact during one-on-one conversations, speaking to a small group, or presenting in front of a large audience. You’ll come away from this program with a greater confidence on being an interesting expert!

Topics Include

  • Peak, then Point™ – creating vivid and memorable listener experiences
  • The Speech of 25™ – a simple method for rehearsing your presentation, giving it a natural look, sound, and feel
  • The Leaders Pyramid™ – the three essential components of being an interesting expert


This workshop is for healthcare professionals, business owners, coaches, consultants, speakers & thought leaders.

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Part One

Clients want business partners they can trust—leaders who provide helpful information and services that get the results they want. Prosperity starts by forming relationships with your ideal audience which begin to build that trust. This consistent, loyal fan base paves the road to business growth. In this session, you’ll learn how to leverage client relationships to:

Topics Include

  • avoid expending resources on marketing fads
  • relieve pressure on sales
  • ensure future lines of revenue
  • finally have fun with marketing!

Part Two

Becoming a successful speaker is just the beginning of the journey to prosperity. In fact, if all you are is a speaker, then it’s going to be tough to become prosperous speaking to dental audiences; you’ll need much more. This portion of the workshop on “Get Prosperous” is about getting what you’ll need including;

Topics Include

  • A process to continually upgrade your existing content and develop new content
  • Saying things in ways audiences haven’t heard before
  • Intellectual property that becomes an income source
  • A well-known brand

Meet the Speakers

Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP


Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP, is known for his ability to coach content experts how to use storytelling and humor to add interest and value to their presentations to audiences, one-on-one conversations, and online events. He’s the author of the original concept of StorySelling® which combines stories with business objectives. He is author of two books on presentation/leadership skills; Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting and Just Because You’re Leading…Doesn’t Mean They’ll Follow. Paul enjoys the highest earned designation in professional speaking from the National Speakers Association – CSP – Certified Speaking Professional.

"I attended Dr. Paul Homoly’s speakers workshop – twice – and loved every moment. He’s an amazing coach!  You’ll be delighted at what he’ll do for you.”"

– Michael DiTolla, DDS, FAGD

"Paul Homoly inspired me years ago to write my first book, Everything is Marketing. His workshop opened my eyes to how speakers can offer audiences truly remarkable experiences. I would not be the speaker I am today had it not been for Paul. What he did for me, he can do for you too."

– Fred Joyal, President and Co-Founder 1-800-DENTIST

Minal Sampat, BA, RDH


Minal Sampat brings expertise and a deep understanding on how to enlighten and connect with ideal audiences. She launched her first company by breaking a Guinness World Record, and since then has continued to help businesses, small and large, reach their marketing goals. Featured in several press platforms including Forbes and Huffington Post, Minal knows how to create marketing plans that produce high-impact results. Being an active member in multiple dental organization, she is also on the board for Dental Entrepreneur Woman and is faculty for Dental Speakers Institute and Career Advancement Academy. Minal is known for her upbeat personality, ability to empower and engage, and for delivering strategies that can be implemented right away.

"Minal’s marketing strategies are cutting edge. She is supportive and easy to work with. I am grateful that I found her to promote my business. She is a woman that lifts other women up."

– Kandice Swarthout, upcoming speaker, and coach

"Minal Sampat is a true leader in the dental industry marketing arena! Minal's keynote at the JUMPSTART2019 conference was a show stopper. She makes complicated processes seem easy, which is important when dealing with audiences and professionals across generations. Personally, Minal is a delight! Vivacious, fun and whip-smart, you can't go wrong in working with Minal to increase the social media marketing knowledge in your business or in your audience!"

– Vanessa Emerson, CEO of Dental Speakers Institute

Use coupon code GET15 to receive a 15% discount!