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Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP, is president of Homoly Communications. Paul’s focus is to help dentists do the dentistry they love and be abundantly compensated. His belief is when dentists thrive, patients are best served, team members engage with their work, and the profession of dentistry is protected and advanced.

Dr. Paul Homoly is a leading voice on the topics of case acceptance for complete dentistry, practice development, and influential communications. For over three decades his work has enabled all members of the dental profession to experience the rewards they’ve earned and deserve.


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"Paul Homoly is one of the rare practitioners whose world-class skills are matched only by his inspiring attitude and willingness to share his experience. He makes learning fun, which brings out the best in all who read and hear him."

Carl Misch, DDS – Director, Misch International Implant Institution

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Learn how to be more interesting and persuasive with patients, team members, audiences, and everyone you seek to influence.
This book illustrates Dr. Paul Homoly's innovative leadership process, making it predictable for listeners to act on your ideas.
This is a great place to start experiencing better case acceptance for quadrant, cosmetic, implant and restorative dentistry.
This in-office video-based program refreshes the culture within your practice enabling you to do more of the dentistry you love, create grateful patients, inspire your team, and be well rewarded.