Key Opinion Leader Development

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Developing Key Opinion Leaders into Influential Advocates

Leaders of dental organizations that offer manufacturing, distribution, digital imaging, radiology, operatory instrumentation and devices, dental consumables, fixed equipment, infection-prevention and preventive products, and implantable materials all rely on the positive advocacy of key opinion leaders (KOL).

Identifying, developing, and sustaining relationships with KOLs is complex and requires fresh thinking.

Challenges within the KOL development process include leadership issues on the part of the organization, which lead to commitment and performance issues on the part of KOLs.

Traditional “solutions” to leading and developing KOLs that fall short of arriving at enduring solutions include:

 Doing nothing and hoping

 Playing favorites and making special deals

 Providing short-term training

Developing Key Opinion Leaders into Influential Advocates is a complete solution for developing KOLs into influential advocates based on two decades of KOL development experience.

Developing Key Opinion Leaders into Influential Advocates develops your Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) into authentic, interesting and influential advocates. It trains your KOL’s to connect with listeners and influence them to become “opinion followers” during face-to-face live presentations, media and internet presentations, and traditional publications.

Well Trained key opinion leaders have more influence on listeners opinion and behaviors than traditional advertising. This is because they:

 Are seen as trustworthy and devoid of a hidden agenda

 Are believed to have more information and a greater understanding of the facts

 Typically have reputations that enhances the believability of the messages

 Are looked up to by their peers, which is critical when evaluating new and innovative services and products

It’s never been more difficult to hold people’s attention and influence them as it is now: text messages, email, voice mail, cable television, multitasking, social media…all of it interferes with listeners attention and speaker believability. Face to face interaction is more important now that ever and serves to reinforce your message presented in your advertising, publishing, social media, and media activities.

Developing Key Opinion Leaders into Influential Advocates begins with an assessment of your existing KOL program and your vision for its growth. Additionally we evaluate the deliverables your KOL’s provide to their listeners. Next, we co-create with you a communication strategy to your KOL’s about your intentions of enhancing the outcomes of your KOL program. Finally, we begin KOL coaching and ongoing evaluation of the new KOL program. From there we determine our next steps to sustain your preferred outcomes.

As a result, your Key Opinion Leader’s will be better able to earn their audiences attention by delivering your message in a more interesting, memorable, and persuasive way. We’ve done this for many KOL’s; we can do this for yours too.

To start the conversation about improving your KOL program, call 800.294.9370. Plus, submit the form below to download the White Paper, Developing Key Opinion Leaders into Influential Advocates – A special report for leaders of Key Opinion leader programs.

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Vanessa Emerson

Founder, Directory of Dental Speakers
Founder, Dental Speakers Bureau

Paul Homoly's speaking workshop is a MUST for dental speakers. I will be recommending attendance and participation to all of my clients and colleagues. It's a game changer!

Sue Kolb, Director of Continuing Education and Events


Ormco Forum 2015 was by far the easiest to produce in contrast to previous forums. The big difference was the alignment and engagement of all the speakers. All metrics used to measure the forum’s outcomes indicated what we like to see following an event—excellent attendee reviews, improved traffic and sales at our booths, and genuine appreciation from our KOLs.

Mark Olivieri, Key Opinion Leader Development

American Orthodontics

Dr. Paul Homoly’s Key Opinion Leaders workshop  exceeded all our expectations. Our KOL orthodontists as well as our internal sales/management team leaders attended the workshop and everyone came away with new speaking and influencing skills. A few weeks following the workshop I attended a presentation given by one of the KOL attendees of the workshop. He used several things he learned from the workshop which made him sound more confident and definitely more interesting. We’re looking forward to bringing Dr. Homoly back and continuing our progress.                              

Emily Hansen, Senior Field Marketing Manager

Philips North America

In the first 5 minutes of meeting Paul, I knew he had something truly special to offer. He knows what works when it comes to communication, instills confidence in his clients to move beyond their comfort zones, and provides practical coaching to help each expert present themselves and their ideas with greater impact. I’ve applied what I’ve learned from Paul immediately and with fantastic results. Now, I’m better equipped to coach KOLs, executives and peers to be twice as effective in half the time!  

Michael Augins, President

Sirona Dental Systems

Our Speaker’s Academy and Key Opinion Leader Program is the best in our industry thanks to Dr. Paul Homoly.  He has turned our customers into our strongest advocates.

Susan Crawford, Director of Marketing

DENTSPLY Professional

Dr. Homoly coached our Clinical Education Team and Marketing Managers how to assemble their presentations in a fraction of the time they use now and deliver it in a way that really interests audiences. His coaching was the key in getting our message to "stick" with listeners and easy for our team to learn.

Don Bell, Director of Marketing CAD/CAM Materials


One of the best learning experiences we've offered our product marketing manager team was the time we spent with Dr. Paul Homoly. Our product marketing managers speak to dentists, dealers, and at sales events along with presentations to guests, board members and co-workers. Paul was able to transform how we think about every speaking event and coached us one-on-one to be better.

Kristen Edwards, Director of Professional Relations


Paul coached our group of KOL dentists as well as members of our internal sales, products, and marketing teams. He showed us how to build relationships with listeners and present technical topics (which can be dry and boring) in a far more interesting fashion than we ever imagined.

Dr. John Rowe Jr., Chairmen, American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Paul Homoly leads our educators academy. He is reshaping and inspiring how our experienced KOL's present as well as helping us discover some "rising stars" within our association. Our goal is to create the best speakers and advocates of the AACD and Paul is making it happen.

Joe Feldstien, Senior VP of Professional Partnerships

Pacific Dental Services

The genius of Dr. Paul Homoly is his ability to put his lessons into a process that makes it easy for his students to follow. Paul coaches our key clinicians and our leadership team. From my 20+ years functioning as a manager and leader, Paul is best I've seen at what he does.

Bob Salvin, Founder and CEO

Salvin Dental Specialties

Paul's leadership communications coaching has had spectacular, measurable results with my entire executive team. He makes it easy and fun to grow as a leader.

Dayna Comfort, Senior Manager, Training & Education

Nobel Biocare North America

Dr. Paul Homoly has surpassed all our expectations as a leader and trainer in our Speaker Development programs. We’ve worked with Dr. Homoly for years and his workshops continue to improve and delight our customers and corporate leaders. He consistently inspires and  brings out the best in all who attend.