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Increase Practice Profitability without Burning Out

Our online membership program, Treatment Acceptance Mastery™, provides your team with all the tools needed to improve treatment acceptance, increase practice profitability, and do more of the dentistry you love without the stress.

If You Want To…

Do More of The Dentistry You Enjoy

Whether your favorite dentistry is cosmetics, aligner orthodontics, implants, or restorative care, providing more of the dentistry you enjoy is the foundation to a fulfilling and prosperous career

Increase Collections and Your Practice Value

Learn to confidently present treatment without fear of overwhelming patients or losing them from sticker shock and predictably increase collections – without the stress of selling dentistry. 

Attract New Patients

This program’s foundational concept is Standard of Caring®. This concept consistently produces excellent new patient experiences. These experiences lead to establishing a regional reputation of providing exceptional care that attracts new patients.

Create a Culture That Retains Patients & Staff

Using our proven framework, we train dental practice owners and their teams how to implement systems that create continuous growth and build patient loyalty to your practice – without increasing stress on you and your team.

Who’ll Benefit from Treatment Acceptance Mastery™

Owner Dentists

Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ provides complete training resources to get all team members on the same page for providing excellent new patient experiences and improved treatment acceptance. Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ is an essential one-of-a-kind leadership resource.

Associate Dentists

Due to the busyness of dental practices, too often there’s little time for owner dentists to train associate dentists. Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ is the 24/7 training companion for associate dentists to develop confidence and verbal skills early in their careers, providing career-long benefits. Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ includes a training program specifically designed for new dentists.

Treatment Coordinators

Treatment coordinators are the lifeblood of treatment acceptance. Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ offers turnkey training for building personal relationships with patients, successfully presenting treatment, and managing financial conversations.

Dental Hygienists

Patients receiving treatment plans for complex dentistry often are not yet ready for complete care. Retaining these patients until they become ready is a critical role for hygienists. Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ includes a training program specifically designed for hygienists in practices offering complete care.

Chairside Assistants

Patients often are highly influenced during confidential conversations with chairside assistants. Their people and verbal skills can make-or-break treatment acceptance. Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ guides chairside assistants to build patients’ confidence in their dentist and practice.

Administrative Teams

The first impressions new patients experience – good or bad – are shaped by admin teams. Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ offers a training program for admin teams that prepares them to excel during new patients’ initial telephone inquiries and provides optimal scheduling strategies.

You only have so much time, energy and resources to give… and you need to focus on what’s really going to move the needle for your dental practice right now.

Our training is used by dental practices of all sizes, DSOs, and dental manufacturers.


Treatment Acceptance Mastery™  Curriculum

The Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ curriculum offers online programs specific to all members of the dental team. There is full integration of the concepts, processes, and nomenclature among the programs. This integration facilitates teamwork and accelerates the outcomes of excellent new patient experiences and enhanced treatment acceptance.

For Dentists and Teams

Making It Easy for Patients To Say “YES!”

This is a full-team program where you’ll study together and build the communication skills facilitating treatment acceptance. Included in this program are;

  • 21 streaming video and audio lessons
  • 88 page study guide
  • Video role-play simulations
  • Lesson quizzes
  • Patient case studies
  • Available in English, Spanish, and French with US and international tooth numbering systems
  • Train-the-trainer options available
  • Leadership tools
  • 3 hours of CE credits

$25,000 and UP! – Treatment Acceptance for Complex Dentistry

Patients seeking complex high-fee dentistry expect and deserve more than ordinary dental experiences. This program guides you to provide patients with the seven positive emotional outcomes that differentiate your practice in the high-fee domain of complex dentistry. This program includes;

  • 15 streaming video and audio lessons
  • Video role-played simulations
  • Study guide
  • Lesson quizzes
  • 2.75 CE credits

For Hygiene Teams

Hygiene Dialogues

Considering many patients who need complex dentistry are not ready for complete care, it’s up to dental hygienists to maintain excellent relationships with them. This program offers the concepts and processes that retain patients needing additional care and helps discover their readiness for complete care. It’s the perfect companion program to Making It Easy for Patients to Say “YES!”

  • 6 streaming and audio lessons
  • 41 page Study guide
  • Job aids
  • Lesson quizzes

For Referral Teams

The Team Approach to Complex Dentistry

Complex care patients often require a team approach to treat their complete care needs. Communication and treatment acceptance challenges compound when two or more practices are involved with patients’ care. The Team Approach to Complex Dentistry is the playbook for generalists’ and specialists’ practices that guide successful referrals. Included in this program are;

  • 6 streaming video and audio lessons
  • Lesson quizzes

For Administrative Teams

Strategic Scheduling

Dentists who seek to provide complete care, must have initial appointments scheduled that give them adequate time to connect with patients. Strategic Scheduling is specially designed to do this. This program includes;

  • 3 streaming video and audio lessons
  • Strategic Scheduling template
  • Quizzes

For New Dentists

Case Acceptance Skills for New Dentists

This program gets your career off to a great start. It discusses the top ten mistakes new dentists make and how to avoid them. Plus it tackles three of the greatest challenges for new dentists; confidence presenting complete care, conversations about fees, and leadership. This program includes:

  • 6 streaming video and audio lessons
  • Quizzes

For Orthodontic Care

Case Acceptance for Aligner Orthodontics

This program looks at the unique properties of aligner orthodontic care and its nuances in the case presentation process. Taking what you learned from previous programs, you will apply it to patients who are aware of orthodontic needs and to those who aren’t. Dentists who are most successful with offering aligner care, are the same ones who’ve been successfully offering complete care. Included in this program are;

  • 3 streaming video and audio lessons
  • Quizzes

Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ Community Connection

Community & Support

You’ll get access to Dr. Paul Homoly and his private community of like-minded dentists. The hardest part of learning new skills is in the implementation. Following each lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to personally communicate with Dr. Paul Homoly. You’ll never be alone or feel like you have to figure things out on your own.


Plus you will be first in line to receive free early bird access to future courses as they are published. 

Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ is priced on a subscription basis, per month, per dentist.  You have a 7-day grace period, where if for any reason you find this program is not for you, I’ll refund your full tuition. Easy in… or easy out. There’s no risk.

Your Best Days Are Ahead

The real joy in dentistry is not about the teeth. It’s the moment when your patients, team, and you realize you’ve done something wonderful together. Think about it; it’s not easy practicing dentistry. Patients are uptight, team members are hustling, and you stride the fine line between delivering great care while trying to make a good living.

To hold all parts of dentistry’s puzzle together and keep everyone happy takes grit. That’s the beauty of it; it’s the grit, the tenacity, and courage that shape you as a leader.

Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ is for leaders. It’s for those who seek to make each day better, and with full confidence, knowing your best days are ahead.

What Do Dentists Like YOU Say About The Training? 

John Cranham, DDS 

Past Clinical Director, The Dawson Academy

Dentists will be hugely successful when they balance their clinical skills with the case acceptance skills Dr. Paul Homoly has brought to us. I highly recommend you and your teams get involved with Making It Easy for Patients to Say “YES!”.


Tarun Agarwal, DDS  

Dental Arts

His concepts of patient communication have been foundational in establishing the practice I have today…. our revenue has significantly increased by following these principles, what’s more important is the type of dentistry that is driving this increase. It’s more cosmetics, more implants, more sedation, and doing more dentistry in less visits on patients.


Dr. Clifton Cameron – 

Co-Founder of CarolinasDentist

[Our Dentists] become more influential and skillful when presenting complete dentistry. One and a half years ago our average provider produced $750,000 annually. Today, and as a direct result of Homoly’s processes, average collections of 100% of our providers are over $1,000,000 annually.





  • 54 streaming video lessons available 24/7 edited to fit perfectly into team meetings, with optional closed captioning.
  • 54 streaming audio lessons designed for “drive-time” learning.
  • Live quarterly webinars with Dr. Paul Homoly to answer questions and share best practices from the community.
  • 6 in-depth study guides to support video lessons with additional content and activities to ensure lessons transfer to your practice.
  • Access all content on any device.
  • Patient case studies used to practice the principles of each lesson.
  • Job aids and accountability tools that reinforce lessons.
  • Membership in our private online community to share case acceptance challenges, successes, and best practices.
  • 5.75 hours of continuing education credit for dentists and team members.

7 Day Money Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee!


Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ is priced on a subscription basis, per term, per dentist. You have a 7-day grace period, where if for any reason you find this program is not for you, I’ll refund your full tuition. Easy in… or easy out. There’s no risk.

Our Flagship course Making It Easy for Patients to Say “YES!”  is available in English, Spanish, and French, along with US and International tooth numbering systems.

Easy in… or easy out. $249 Monthly Membership –  There’s no risk.




Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:


Who is the Treatment Acceptance Mastery™ Membership designed for?

It’s designed for general dentists and specialists who are looking for;​
• a proven process to offer patients complete care recommendations without losing patients to sticker shock​
• a case acceptance process that simplifies patients’ decision-making process concerning treatment recommendations​
• a way to eliminate dentist and team member stress during the case acceptance process and financial arrangements​
• a predictable method of minimizing patient upset, misunderstandings, and embarrassment over treatment recommendations and fees
• leverage in increasing take-home income
• improved process for receiving and giving referrals
• a great place for dentists to start and grow their careers

How do I know this will work for me?

​​The processes taught in the membership courses have been successful in hundreds of practices for over 20 years. The critical factor in whether it’s successful for you will be your ability and willingness to lead your team through the transition from how you’re offering care now to how this program teaches it.

How long do I have access to the course inside the membership?

Your membership is a subscription service. Your tuition will automatically renew every month, with no contracts. If you choose to end your subscription within 7 days after enrolling, your tuition will be refunded.

Are there any hidden or additional fees?


What methods of payments do you accept?

​PayPal, Stripe, Visa, M/C, AMX, Discover

If applicable how do I use my coupon code?

​You will see a section on the checkout page that will allow you to enter a discount code.

What if I am having accessing the site or its videos and need technical support?

Contact our support at

How do I access my account and/or change my password?

​​To access your account:

  1. Login to your Treatment Acceptance Mastery Account Dashboard at​
    2. Enter the email and address and password you entered during registration.
    3. Click Login.​

To update your account information:

  1. Login to your Treatment Acceptance Mastery Account Dashboard at​
    2. Click the Account Details link
    3. Change your password and save changes before exiting the page

​​If you have forgotten your password and need to reset it, following the steps below:
1. Go to the Treatment Acceptance Mastery login page at​
2. Select the blue Lost Your Password link under the login form​
3. Enter the email address you used to create your account
4. Click the Reset Password button​
5. Check your email to for instructions to reset your password​

What outcomes can I expect?

Here’s what you can expect after successfully implementing these concepts into your dental practice.
• Offer complete care without blowing patients out of the water due to sticker shock;​
• Influence patients while never sounding like a salesperson;
• Recommend treatment in half the time with twice the impact;
• Educate patients without losing their interest and;
• Present fees while never feeling uncomfortable;
• Eliminate overwhelming patients and watching them walk out your door never to return from poorly structured and overly complex treatment presentations;
• Enjoy loyal and grateful patients;
• Inspire team members;
• Do more of the dentistry you love and;
• Be abundantly rewarded

How are the lessons distrubuted?

Lessons are distributed in modules immediately after enrollment. Each module contains 3-4 video and audio lessons, leaders’ and participant guides, and other instructional tools. Modules are designed to be completed in study sessions with your team. After study sessions, you and your team will put into action what you’ve learned. The study guides will show you how.

Do the courses include a quiz or exam?

Yes. In each lesson there are opportunities to judge the understanding of the content through discussions and quizzes.

How do I teach these concepts to my team?

You’ll receive a Leaders’ Guide in each course that will take you step-by-step through the teaching/leading process.

How much will Dr. Paul Homoly interact with us?

Following each video lesson is a discussion page for you to enter questions, comments, and ideas. Here you and other enrollees can share your thoughts. There’s also a private Facebook group for your exclusive participation. I’ll participate in both discussion forums when I see a way for me to contribute more to your success.

Are there additional resources available?

​Yes…included with this program is a private Facebook Community for enrollees and quarterly live webinars with Dr. Homoly.

What are the technical requirements for using the online access?

​High-speed internet access
• Computer with sound system amplification​
• Video projection capability or wide screen monitor​
• Flip chart and markers​
• 1 inch 3-ring binders for Facilitator Guide and Participant Workbook materials (one per team member)

Can I share my on-line access to others who have not enrolled?

​No. Here are some good reasons not to do it.
• People who have not paid for enrollment will not value the program and not be successful with it. If you know someone who really needs this program, do them a favor by having them enroll on their own so they have an emotional commitment to follow through on it.​
• To share your access code would be unethical…in other words…stealing!
• Sharing your access code creates a situation where the person you shared your online access code with would not be welcome into the live webinars (a major program benefit) nor the private Facebook Community
• We have an administrative dashboard that alerts us to student activity and unauthorized use can be detected. If detected then membership is forfeited with no refund.

Does Dr. Homoly offer in-office training, counseling or train-the-trainer programs?

​Yes. This is offered on a custom basis based on your situation