Dr. Paul Homoly’s

Secret Weapon

When I do seminars, attendees come up to me and say, “Homoly, you still look great,” as if they expect me not to. Considering I’m close to my fifth decade in dentistry, I can see their point. Many dentists with as many miles on them as I don’t look or feel too great. The truth of it is, I’ve had a secret weapon for the last 15 years that’s helped me stay sharp and look and feel my best. My secret weapon is The Eating for Vitality Diet. Its author is Lisa Stimmer, a natural gourmet chef and nutritionist. I don’t consider how I eat dieting. I think of it as fuel for my cognitive skills and physical endurance. My career is too demanding physically and mentally not to be as sharp as I can be. Yours is too. Watch this short video below about the online program, The Eating for Vitality Diet, by its author, Lisa Stimmer. Do yourself a favor and check out The Eating for Vitality Diet.