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If you’re a new dentist who’s looking for a safe and profitable start to your career, you’ve found it here. This case acceptance online program will fuel practice development and abundant income you’ll need to

reduce debt and create the personal lifestyle you deserve.

Our group has worked with Dr. Paul Homoly starting in 2015. Since we integrated the case acceptance principles from his online program in 2017, our dentists have shown significant improvements in two crucial areas.  

First, they’ve become more influential and skillful when presenting complete dentistry. One and a half years ago our average provider produced $750,000 annually. Today, and as a direct result of Homoly’s processes, average collections of 100% of our providers is over $1,000,000 annually.

Next, we tracked how much dentistry our new providers present. Prior to Homoly, new providers in their first year with us presented on average $3,000,000 worth of dentistry. Today our dentists who experience the online program average close to $6,000,000 annually.

The most valuable outcome of working with Dr. Homoly has been the dramatic positive impact on the confidence of our dentists to present complete care. Confidence in their verbal skills and confidence in leading team members to follow their example. Our group practice would not be where it is today without Dr. Homoly’s principles.

D​​rs. Clifton Cameron and Eric Roman, Founders of CarolinasDentist

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