Just Because You’re An Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting Book by Dr. Paul Homoly


In this book, Dr. Paul Homoly shows you how to better relate with the people you serve.

If you’re a professional service provider —in financial services, law, healthcare, business, or another field—you’re aware of bitter irony: the most highly skilled professionals are often not the most rewarded. Why? Because while most experts are highly skilled at what they do, they often do a poor job in communicating knowledge to clients in a way that is interesting.

By following the unique approach outlined in Just Because You’re an Expert… Doesn’t Make You Interesting, you will gain your clients’ trust, make it easy for them to follow your advice, and compel them to want to refer their friends, family, and colleagues to you. The result? A proven way to prosper in your business while better helping those you serve.

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