Storytelling Live Online Workshop

The only thing more important than stories and humor to speakers is oxygen. If you’re not telling stories you’re missing the boat. If you’re telling stories poorly, you’re sinking it. One of my favorite quotes about speaking is from Andy Rooney – “You’re more interested in what you have to say than anyone else is”. This is so true, especially for content-rich experts who really have important things to say but listening to them feels like a death march.

My live online workshop The Stories You Tell…Make the Speaker You Become is  specifically designed for content-rich experts who need to make their presentations more interesting, memorable, and persuasive. Its primary emphasis is StorySelling®; linking stories to your content. Stories are magic. They connect you to listeners and influence them in ways that logic and data cannot. Stories can be joyful or soulful. They make us laugh and cry. They make us real. All great leaders and speakers throughout history have used stories to influence listeners to act and stir their imaginations; you can too.

The humor aspect of this workshop is about finding your funny; how to think funny and bring clean humor into your stories and content-rich presentations.

This is not a comedy, how-to-tell-jokes workshop.


“Dr. Paul Homoly’s superpower is in using story to create a desired impact and influence his audience. It is always a delight to participate in Paul’s training sessions. His process for teaching storytelling skills to others is excellent and I highly recommend his workshops.”

Vanessa Emerson; Founder of Dental Speaker Institute and Dental Speakers Bureau

Here’s the Live Online Workshop Design:

The Stories You Tell…Make the Speaker You Become  is delivered through live Zoom video conferencing. See This is not a recorded workshop. Dr. Paul Homoly will host 3 two-hour sessions. Here’s how it works.

Prework: A few weeks before the first session, you’ll receive a PDF document of the workshop manual. Additionally, you’ll be given a StorySelling® assessment that will identify StorySelling® developmental needs. Also, you’ll complete a short preparatory StorySelling® project to get you ready for our sessions.

Session One: A two-hour presentation and collaboration by Dr. Paul Homoly of principles, processes, and best practices for developing original stories and clean humor.

Topics include:

  • How to discover your stories
  • How stories reveal your character
  • Crafting and growing stories
  • Making your stories a visual listener experience
  • Rehearsing your stories
  • Finding the humor in your story
  • Assignment of StorySelling® homework project

Sessions Two and Three: Sessions two and three are two-hour facilitations of your specific StorySelling® and humor content from your homework project. Topics include:

  • Presenting your story
  • Linking your story to your content
  • Growing new stories from your existing stories
  • Fresh ways of looking for story discovery opportunities
  • Bringing original clean humor to your story
  • Discovering and delivering the right story to illustrate the value of your new content

Zoom video conferences are recorded and available to attendees.

The goal of the workshop is for each attendee to develop and rehearse an original story that adds distinction and interest to their content.

At the workshop you’ll learn how to;

  • Use the StorySelling® process to link stories to content
  • Discover original stories and clean humor
  • Structure stories and humor to fit into your presentations
  • Use the Humor Wheel™ process for finding your funny
  • Use storytelling and humor stagecraft techniques
  • Use humor to peak listeners interest making your key content points memorable
  • Tell stories about ordinary events in extraordinary ways
  • Boost your storytelling and humor awareness enabling you to see stories and humor opportunities from your daily life

This Storytelling Workshop is best suited for;

  • Speakers on “dry” technical topics
  • “Dry” speakers on any topic
  • Leaders who need to influence followers
  • Instructors who want to inspire their students
  • Service providers who want to influence clients, patients, prospects, or consumers

Your Coach:

Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP

Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP, is known for his ability to coach content experts how to use storytelling and humor to add interest and value to their presentations to audiences, one-on-one conversations, and online events. He’s the author of the original concept of StorySelling® which combines stories with business objectives.

He is author of two books on presentation/leadership skills; Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting and Just Because You’re Leading…Doesn’t Mean They’ll Follow. Paul enjoys the highest earned designation in professional speaking from the National Speakers Association – CSP – Certified Speaking Professional.


Enrollment is limited to 15 students. Tuition is $595 per person. Because it is a limited attendance workshop, tuition is nonrefundable. If a student cancels, tuition will be applied to a future workshop.

You can expect excellent workshop materials.

With your enrollment you’ll receive a pre-workshop assessment that will help target the coaching that will best serve you. You will need to order the Kindle version of my book Just Because You’re Leading…Doesn’t Mean They’ll Follow on Amazon for just $9.99 as a pre-study for the workshop.


Dates and Times:

Session One – April 8, 2021
Session Two – April 22, 2021
Session Three – May 6, 2021
All sessions 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Mountain Standard Time


Private Online Coaching:

Private online coaching is available to alumni of The Stories You Tell…Make the Speaker You Become. Fees and scope of coaching are determined on an individual basis.