A live online content development workshop for speakers, key opinion leaders, consultants, and experts in dentistry


This live on-line workshop is about taking a deep dive into your existing content and finding greater significance within it. Companion to this, we’ll develop new content freshening your presentations to be more interesting and profitable. It’s about discovering fresh insights and expressing them in novel ways that listeners have never experienced before.

“Thought Leadership: A new and valuable idea communicated in an interesting and profitable way.”

Thought leadership is what you may be seeking. Chances are you have mature content and confident delivery but haven’t brought anything new that has seismic significance to your presentations for a while. You’re stuck in the role of Thought Repeater. Telling yourself to “think outside the box” won’t get you “outside your box.” Without a thought process, unguided thinking leads to wheel spinning and wasted time. Instead of “thinking out of the box” what you need is to “process out of the box.” When you have a thought process that ignites your imagination, you’ll break through your creative boundaries and discover new content and profitable ideas. This workshop provides you the thought process, path, and tools to evolve from Thought Repeater to Thought Leader.”

“Be a voice, not an echo.”

Author unknown

Workshop Topics:

  • Thought Leadership Path™ – The journey to Thought Leadership; where you are now and the path to where you’re going
  • The Thought Leaders Cycle™ – Eight steps to guide and inspire your original thinking
  • Point of View – The art of looking at your topic with fresh eyes and seeing things you haven’t yet considered
  • Conceptual Mapping – Thought diagrams that bring clarity to your leadership by revealing relationships and connections among your new ideas
  • Metaphor Magic – Metaphors transform words into meaning; they are magic and you are their wizard
  • Witty and Pithy Thinking –  Instigating smiles in listeners’ minds from your bite-sized insights and wisdom
  • StorySelling® – Stories are thought anchors in the minds and spirits of your listeners
  • Intellectual Property – Package and protect your creations in books, articles, seminars, workshops, speeches, and original works of thought
  • Branding Yourself –  Distinguishing yourself from the pack

What You’ll Get From This Workshop:

Just  Because You’re a Speaker…Doesn’t Make You a Thought Leader will rejuvenate your creative energy and help you find new paths to profitably pursuing your career.

Expect to;

  • Come away with richer insights into your existing content, original content, and novel ways to express yourself
  • Experience the Thought Leadership Cycle™ that will guide your tasks and accelerate your achievements
  • Be part of a highly interactive workshop and benefit from its creative energy and momentum
  • Dig deeply into your content pulling from it greater value and income
  • Work with other attendees on their Thought Leader process inspiring insights into your own
  • Experience examples of successful Thought Leadership that can jump-start yours
  • Develop and tell stories that enrich listeners’ experience of your ideas
  • See new ways to document and protect your intellectual property wisdom
  • Have more confidence and skill as a Thought Leader speaker offering fresh ideas in novel ways that listeners have never experienced before

Who This Workshop Is Best Suited For:

Just Because You’re a Speaker…Doesn’t Make You a Thought Leader is a great fit for speakers at all levels of experience. It’s also a highly valuable if you are an author, consultant, trainer, business/association leader, entrepreneur, and/or service provider.

Workshop Delivery:

Just Because You’re a Speaker…Doesn’t Make You a Thought Leader is delivered through live Zoom video conferencing. See https://zoom.us/ This is not a recorded workshop. Dr. Paul Homoly will host 3 two-hour sessions. Here’s how it works.

Prework: A few weeks before the first session, you’ll receive a PDF document of the workshop manual. Additionally, you’ll be given a Thought Leadership assessment that will identify Thought Leadership developmental needs. Also, you’ll complete a short preparatory Thought Leadership project to get you ready for our sessions.

Session One: A two-hour presentation and collaboration by Dr. Paul Homoly of principles, processes, and best practices for developing fresh content. Topics include:

  • The eight steps of the Thought Leadership Cycle™
  • How to build your Thought Leadership reputation
  • Review of your preparatory Thought Leadership project
  • Assignment of a homework project specific to your new and existing content

Sessions Two and Three: Sessions two and three are two-hour facilitations of your specific thought leadership content from your homework project. Topics include:

  • Advancing your unique point-of-view on your topic
  • Spawning new ideas from your existing content
  • Fresh ways of looking at your content and new ways of expressing it
  • Providing conceptual diagrams that make your new content easy to understand and memorable
  • Creating metaphors, quotations, and original humor
  • Discovering and delivering the right story to illustrate the value of your new content
  • How to package, promote, and protect your Thought Leadership

Zoom video conferences are recorded and available to attendees.


Enrollment is limited to 15 students. Tuition is $595 per person. Because it is a limited attendance workshop, tuition is nonrefundable. If a student cancels, tuition will be applied to a future workshop.

Dates and Times:

Session One – March 4, 2021
Session Two – March 18, 2021
Session Three – April 1, 2021
All sessions 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Arizona time


Private Online Coaching:

Private online coaching is available to alumni of the Thought Leadership workshop. Fees and scope of coaching are determined on an individual basis.