Making It Easy for Patients to Say “YES!” Accelerated Program

This program is designed to get results FAST without student fatigue.

Our experience is when students see immediate results, the principles, and processes of the program stick. 

Is the Accelerated Program a Good Choice for You? 

The Accelerated Program is for you if you’re serious about quickly improving your new patient experience and treatment success. This program offers a guided accelerated process facilitated by Dr. Paul Homoly. By setting a quick implementation schedule accompanied by live online coaching, our students see immediate results. This program is for you when you’re ready to make improving the new patient and treatment acceptance process a top priority.

What would it feel like to do more of the dentistry you enjoy?

What would it feel like to increase revenue and never sound or feel like a salesperson?

Fast Results

Boost Revenue & Value

Eliminate Stress of Selling

” Practice & Life Changing ”

Your “Getting Patients to say Yes” changed my entire practice and life.  I used it every day… Dentists and dentistry needs you and needs your message.  But what they don’t understand is the fact that acquiring technical skills is easy but communication and interpersonal skills is the key to success.

Dr. Ken Karger

Program Structure

Relationships form the backbone of any business. In dentistry, those relationships are even more critical, given the private and personal nature of providing and receiving treatment. Business skills were not the focus of your dental training – dentistry was! Since managing patient relationships can be difficult when you’re running a dental practice, we’ve structured this program to get you results faster.


Dentists and teams gather for a live virtual four-hour customized workshop with Dr. Paul Homoly;  Two, two-hour increments separated by a few weeks. Workshops are recorded for your review.


All workshop deliverables including preparatory materials and workshop study guides are included.


Instant Access to MIE Home study Program Home Study Online Program.


Personalized one-hour Zoom follow-up coaching sessions to support you as your practice grows.


Tuition for the Accelerated Program is based on your individual needs.

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