Case Acceptance Training

The most important behavioral processes in the practice of dentistry are case presentation for complete care and new/recall patient experiences.

Case Acceptance Book

Making It Easy for Patients to Say “Yes!” The complete guide to case acceptance is a best-selling classic in dentistry. It reveals how to make case acceptance of complex care dentistry predictably successful.

Online Self Study Learning

A great way to get you and your team up-to-speed with case acceptance for complete dentistry is to study together using our online case acceptance program.

Live Events

Case acceptance for complete dentistry live workshops are a perfect fit for group practices, associations, study clubs, and corporate events. 

I have found that dentists who fail to thrive usually don’t fail from incompetence, but rather from not connecting with patients and team members.

I have never met a dentist or team member who told me their dental education prepared them to communicate successfully. Those of us attracted to professions like dentistry, financial services, law, and engineering are not accepted into those specialized schools based on our verbal skills. Our grades, graduation, and licensure are all a result of our analytic and cognitive abilities. However, as we emerge from the cocoon of our dental school, graduate programs, and academic silos, our verbal and people dexterity skills determine our professional success and career fulfillment. 

Patients buy you before your dentistry.

And the greater the complexity of patients’ care, their need to buy you before your dentistry deepens. Here’s where I believe traditional thinking comes off the rails when influencing complex care patients to accept treatment.

Traditional thinking points to patient education as the secret sauce for treatment acceptance. Plus, throw some high technology into case presentation, and traditional thinking dentists feel they’ve got all the bases covered.

Unfortunately, often it’s these same dentists who don’t provide as much complex care as they’d like. The way to patients buying you before your dentistry is by adopting the mindset that leads you to establish friendly, personal relationships with complex care patients.

It’s your appealing speaking skills and keen empathy that sell you before your dentistry. If you would like to have a private conversation with me, here is a link to my calendar.

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“Leadership needs to be the constant companion of excellence.”

Dr. Paul Homoly

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