Our goal used to be to educate patients. We still educate, but the higher ground of our goal now is to peak patient confidence. Peak their confidence to coincide with our treatment presentation and financial arrangements. These conversations go so much smoother after we’ve earned the patient’s confidence. Even if patients aren’t ready for complete care, they never forget how well we offer it. And when they become ready, they return to us.

We believe that our initial impression of likeability, our empathy, our advocacy, how we give patients hope and inspire them to imagine their outcomes, how we’ve earned their confidence, all lead to their loyalty becoming automatic.

Grateful patients refer their friends, pay their bills, give us great online reviews, and keep their recall appointments

It’s rare that a patient is ready to say “Yes!” to complex care treatment plans over $10,000. Their response is predictable.  The traditional “patient education” centered approach is predictable when care fits within the patient’s budget and life circumstances. 

If you are hearing these common negative responses to your case presentation – it might be time to present complex care from a different point of view.

Most general dentists report that fewer than 5% of their new patients cite periodontal issues as their chief concern. Yet, how many of us start our case presentations with discussions of periodontal care?

Instead, start case presentations with their chief interests, not what your dental school instructors would have you do.

The differences between the best and worst examples are rarely a matter of a dentist’s clinical skill. Instead, it’s a matter of their point of view and their language skills. Dentists who are the least successful with case acceptance solely see it as a sales process.

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The three most profound words in relationships are “I love you”. They signal an enduring pledge. Likewise, dentistry’s three most profound words are, “When you’re ready…” They also signal an enduring pledge.

Heads Up – Look to lesson fifteen in the online curriculum Treatment Acceptance Mastery for a full discussion of “When You’re Ready” during case presentation. Check it out!

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