Patients’ confidence is something we’ve earned incrementally throughout the new patient experience.

Confidence leads to the expectation of achieving the lifestyle benefits patients seek. Confidence leads to trust in the character of their providers. Yes… assistants, administrators – even hygienists –  can impact the patient’s confidence. However, it’s the dentist who makes the strongest impact.

The intention of emotional momentum is to peak patient confidence to coincide with the treatment presentation and financial arrangements.

 During the treatment presentation, patients make two decisions.

First, they decide whether your clinical recommendations will satisfy their lifestyle benefit. Second, they decide whether you and your team will be their providers.

By leading patients into confidence, we make both decisions easier. Their confidence dilutes doubt about the clinical outcome and the character of the provider. You’ll be able to sense patients’ confidence through their questions, comments, body language, and facial expressions.

It’s important that patients sense your confidence during treatment presentation.

This is why my online program, Making It Easy for Patients to Say “YES!” I provide a template for confidently presenting care. The goal is to present care so well that even though patients may not be ready, they’ll never forget how well you offered it. And when they become ready, they’ll choose you to provide it.

Your confidence is contagious. When you have it, patients feel it too. Patients’ confidence is what we’ve earned by enabling the preceding five patient emotional outcomes during the new patient process. Our next video is the last in this series of 8 and is about loyalty. Look for it in your inbox next week.

When you are ready to change the way you present treatment and communicate with patients. I can help.