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Sales versus Leadership

Sales versus Leadership

An essential distinction in dentistry that many dentists and team members miss is the distinction between a sales versus leadership approach to case acceptance. I remember listening to a dentist present a treatment plan to his nervous patient. After he completed his...

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Advocate vs Provider

Advocate vs Provider

The traditional case presentation process doesn’t prepare patients well for accepting complete care. This is exactly why dentists have hundreds of thousands of dollars of unaccepted care in their practices and patients abandon their practices never to return from sticker shock.

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You’re No Longer Special…

Ordinary Dental Experiences…

Patient Education is Overrated…

The Gospel of Patient Education…

#1 Standard of Caring

#2 Educating vs. Understanding

#3 Sales vs. Leadership 

#4 Process vs. Benefit

#5 Urgency vs. Readiness

#6 Commoditized vs. Prescriptive

#7 Minor vs. Complex

#8 Provider vs. Advocate